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Are we there yet?

So on Sunday, my best friend managed to persuade me to walk to a pub that was 5 miles from home. We met at the start of the track, and by this time I was already absolutely boiling (i’d walked to the wrong meeting place). The weather was so beautiful, but walking in it wasn’t……


Sunday Snaps!

Ahoy sailors! This is my sunday night post, which i’m planning on making a regular occurance on this blog, and i’m basically just going to ramble about my week and update everyone. 001. I’ve spent my weekend recovering from heavy drinking two nights in a row, needless to say i’ve completely abused my body, and…


Update/Reasons for being AWOL

So its been a while since I posted anything really worth while. In all honesty i’m struggling at the moment as i’m living with my boyfriend, and the lighting is terrible everywhere in his house, so i’m struggling to video or take any kind of personal/daily photos to post. Hopefully, I will have a haul…


Jennifer Left

I’m terribe at updating at the moment, I plan to update in little bits slowly today, but to be honest, i’ve just been to busy having a really fun/hungover time. Thursday night was both heartbreaking and amazing, half way through the night we left a colleagues leaving drinks (hence the heartbreaking) to watch Jennifer Left…


Urban Decay Naked Pallet

So, on Sunday I took the plunge and invested in something i’ve been staring at in awe for a while now. Naked by Urban Decay is everywhere. You’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard about it. The deciding factor on buying this was a mixture of the amazing looks you…


“Generic Awkward First Post”

Hai Guys 🙂 I’m awkwardly converting to blogspot, and slowly decreasing the use of my tumblr, as I feel tumblr is far less personal, and I’m increasingly wanting to write more personal/rambley/grown up posts, that i’m certain wont be well recieved or appriciated by my followers on tumblr. Some posts may be copied and pasted…