What to Wear Under The Zara Bodies…



Not a day does by where I'm not asked about the Zara bodies: what to wear under them, what I do if it gets cold, whether the sides come down low on me too and whether they're comfortable. And I hear you, whilst I bang on about them being the best £12 I every invested in to my wardrobe, they don't scream "wardrobe compatibility"... make it make sense.

Before I get started, it's worth noting that I don't normally wear one as the bodies are tight enough to hold me in place (something I'm sure gravity will see to this in the next few years). But for those of you who are looking for coverage, lift, seamless support or all of the above, I've done the research and I've got you covered...


To get the obvious out the way here, there are of course stick on options (linked in the shop feature) which are the most straight forward and discreet of all, however these are definitely not ideal if you are looking for extra coverage and lift. In my experience, Wonderbra strapless bras are the absolute best when it comes to strapless options which give lift and support to an inclusive range of body sizes. I've tried a fair few and if I had to pick one it would be the Wonderbra Ultimate Silhouette multiway strapless bra. It has fully customisable straps, and though I prefer it to be fully strapless you can cross the body at the front and back and use clear clips (you know those annoying ones that come with your underwear and bikinis - yeah, there's an actual handy use for them... who knew.) to pin them under the neckline of the body if you're really committed to the strap life. Just make sure to extend the strap length - the sides of the body are low cut, and while the band of the bra is one of the lowest cuts i've found so far - too much lift will bring the positioning of the band up too high for the body.


If you have any other recommendations - throw them in the comments below and I'll add in more options to this post as and when I find them! 


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