Chatting to Hailey Bieber


Last November, Bare Minerals threw an epic dinner party, deep in the Oxfordshire countryside to celebrate their power of good campaign. We learnt about their approach to natural products, their charity endeavours with access achievement,  and... oh , y'know had dinner with their brand Ambassadors, Rosie Huntington Whitely and (newly married) Hailey Bieber (who brought along Mr Bieber... MAD.) I was Hailey's first interview on the trip... Bricking it is an understatement. I'm not normally thrown by well known people, but there was something about her that just oozes cool girl and I wasn't sure what to expect.

But here's the thing with Hailey: She's warm, unexpectedly so. Above that, this girl has
E N E R G Y. It literally radiates from her. She's one of those women who's auras I imagine to be golden and she just gives (but without being OTT). It was both surprising and endearing all at once. I didn't know a tonne about Hailey before, but after chatting to her on this trip, I'm team Hailey 100%. If you want to know what we chatted about then keep on reading (I particularly love her song recommendations at the end) and let me know if this kind of feature is something you would like to see more of round these parts!

Love Suze xx


S: So how’re doing today?

H: I’m good

S: The coffee is like [kicking in]

H: the coffee is real... 

S: Are you super healthy and a coffee drinker, some coffee, non coffee. How are you going to do this without?! (EDIT: I asked this with my own agenda - I need to know how TF the pro's get through back to back interviews!!!)

H: No, I’m a coffee drinker. I do really like tea though, especially when I come here to London.

S: Do you like English breakfast tea? (*I'm getting excited now*)

H: It’s my favourite, English breakfast with milk and honey. It’s great.

S: That’s... that’s controversial. For a brit. Honey in your…Ohhh. I’m going to have to try that

H: Why? What is it, you put sugar in it?

S: Yeah I’m a two sugars.

H’s team: Try honey it’s amazing, Hailey taught me that. I was like "really???". It changes the game.

S: Okay I’m going to have to give that a go (EDIT: I haven't, I'm still too scared)

H: See I converted a brit! 

H’s team: I’ve converted some of my office. Even in coffee. Honey.

H: It’s the trick I’m telling you. Because honey is like, its not artificial at all so it’s like the sweetness is very like, it tastes just really like warm and yummy and just natural

S: I will report back. I will tweet you! haha. Like ‘babes it didn’t work for me’

S: Okay lets get on. What three make up items do you throw on your face when you only have a few minutes to get ready?

H: Okay so err ohh. If I’m really like not trying to try, I’ll do mascara. I’ll do, I really like, I always like to do just a little bit of a pop on the cheek. Even like glow, like the BarePro glows that have a little colour to them. To be able to do it and then you kind of kill two birds with one stone because it’s also a highlighter. So it’s always like mascara, highlighter and like a lip. That’s what I’d go for if I only had those three items on hand or only had time for that, that’s what id do.

S: And if you were trying to look like you’re trying?

H: Like if I had more than three?

S: Yeah

H: If I could do more than three?

S: but you have to get ready super quick!

H: I can usually do my make up really fast regardless, it’s usually just a little concealer, I like the mineral veils the powder and a cheeky highlighter, brush my brows up, mascara, lip balm, call it a day. Thats usually my like, if I’m doing everyday makeup thats my favourite make up.

S: talk to me about the Complexion Rescue Foundation Stick, because complexion rescue is like my absolute jam, it has been for like 5/6 years.

H: well then when you get this, it comes out in March

S: Can you just stick me? (*I hold out my hand and Hailey swatches it on me*)

S to the entire team: Ohhh my…why are you doing this to me? It’s not out yet! Its not fair!


H: It’s so creamy, it’s so good, honestly like when we shot the campaign, I got to play around and and do a little tutorial with it. And its really good, the consistency is really nice, like not heavy. It can be heavier if you want it to be. I am a lazy make up do-er to be honest and I like for things to be multitasking so this is like concealer and foundation in the same thing.

S: So this is a go to for you getting ready quickly?

H: Exactly

S: I love it. I feel like we’re kind of the same with our make up preferences except I’m like "give me eyeliner..."

H: I'm too lazy for eyeliner!

S: My beady little eyes need it, they really need it.

H: Oh my gosh I literally have the smallest eyes in the world

(EDIT: we actually do have this in common - the pic of us together has us looking like siblings and... I ain't mad.)

S: I feel you... that's why liner is always in my makeup bag... what items would I find in your make up bag right now?

H: You would find, a Gen Nude Palette cus that is actually in there, today I’m actually wearing the latte palette.

S: Were you wearing that one last night? (EDIT: I was interrupted mid asking her about this the night before and dying to know)

H: I was yeah

S: I love that eyeshadow!!

H: Me too. Cus those are like my favourite tones. I always go back to the same tones over and over again. And you would find probably one of the lip glosses in there... I think a lot of people that partner up with brands and they don’t actually use the stuff, but I actually use the stuff because I know its good and my mum has used it for like 15 years.

S: I love that. In my world [youtube/blog] you have to use the stuff, so its nice knowing that you are a proper fan.

H: I have been for a long time!

(EDIT: Yet another thing we have in common, shall we be besties now orrrr???????)


S: When you travel for work does your bathroom end up being a mess of products or is it super super neat and tidy? What kind of person are you?

H: I just have too many things at once like when I travel I just accumulate stuff cus you know sometimes I’ll like spend, we live in Canada but like we’ll spend like a month in LA and then like we will be leaving and i'll be like where did I get all of this stuff. I have my set few products that I use, that I’ve used for a couple years or used for the last year or whatever. So I’m like I don’t know how I ended up with so many things. I mean I guess people like give me stuff and they send me things and then I’m like how did I end up accumulating all these clothes in a month or all these weird like lotions, even like drugstore stuff, Advil bottles and just so many things that I’m like I don’t even know why.

S: I feel that my office is like that,

H: I'm like a travelling pharmacy, like I get so anxious if I don’t have all the things that I need like, what if I have heartburn? I’m serious. Or like what if I need neospawn (???) what if I need like anything. I really go for it a CVS. Then I just travel with everything and then I’m like I open my suitcase and I’m like oh my god.

S: Yeah loads of random tablets at the bottom of my suitcase always…like "what are you doing there???"

H: Yeah there will be those few times where you’re like I don’t feel good then you’re like omg I have sudofed - I’m a genius.

S: I also like being able to help your friends when they are like omg I need some ibuprofen, and I’m like here you go enjoy.

H: Yeah exactly

S: I'm going to wrap it up because I know you’re tight on time, sorry I run over all the time. I’m going to put you on the spot a little bit, your favourite song right now?

H: My favourite song right now…

S: Like the one you can’t stop listening to

H: Halsey has a new song out right now called Without Me. Really good. We jam out to it all the time, I’m into it. I really like Ariana's new song too though... [Thank U, Next]

S: OMG I literally have it on repeat like it plays on my tv screen and you can just see it playing thank u next but over and over again, there's an irony to that. That it's just thank u next over and over

H: I like it

S: But thank you for having me, it's been great

H: Thank you!

And just like that, it was all over. We had a quick pic (freshly married Mrs Bieber casually hid her hand in every shot - nice one hun), marvelled at how we looked like siblings and I was outta there - poor gal had up to three more hours of (most likely) the same questions to come. No doubt she was just as great with the last as the first, she just has that kinda energy, y'know?



  1. Pippa Dore
    23 Feb 2019 / 1:50 am

    Hailey is such a sweetheart! I love a good interview xo

  2. Katie
    05 Mar 2019 / 1:57 am

    When she was mentioning the pharmacy products I think she means Neosporin which is healing ointment we use in American on small cuts and burns and things to make it heal faster

    Love from California