Coco Noir.

Flashback to approximately 365 days ago – my perfume collection was large, full of sweet sickly scents and very rarely used. When Josh and I moved last summer I gave away 90% of my perfume bottles in the hope of building something a little more streamlined.

As things stand I can count all of the scents I own on my hands! I try to use them all regularly and am really happy with the current collection. So happy I decided I’d start sharing my favourites with you week by week(ish – maybe not every week, save things getting repetitive!)

One of my most recent favourites is Chanel’s Coco Noir*. Like most of my favourite scents, it’s deep, dark and rich, with a hint of something a little oriental about it.


Grapefruit, Calabrian bergamot, 


Rose, narcissus, rose geranium leaf and jasmine. 


Tonka bean, sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli and white musk frankincense.

For most it’s a beautiful scent for evening wear, but for me it’s an all day everyday kind of scent and my favourite so far of the entire Chanel range.



  1. Ellis Cochrane
    19 Mar 2015 / 1:07 pm

    I think I definitely need to make my perfume collection a little more streamlined as it really is getting out of control! I have a feeling that my perfume wishlist will grow as a result of reading about your current collection though. Hehe.
    This scent really does sound absolutely gorgeous. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ellis – Ellis Tuesday

  2. elza beatrise
    19 Mar 2015 / 1:15 pm

    i think it's such a sophisticated and elegant perfume, plus the packaging is gorgeous. definitely need to invest in it ! x

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  3. Neeltje | Thoughts in Style
    19 Mar 2015 / 1:20 pm

    The packaging is so beautiful and classy! It sounds like a lovely perfume!

  4. Lauren S
    19 Mar 2015 / 1:22 pm

    Oooh it sounds delicious, I love sandalwood! My fave is either Black Orchid or Lovely by SJP

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  5. Rachel Spiteri
    19 Mar 2015 / 1:27 pm

    I love the sound of this! Also, the packaging looks so sophisticated!

    Rachel |

  6. Rebecca Chung
    19 Mar 2015 / 1:31 pm

    Chanel packaging is always beautiful. I must check this scent out next time I'm at a perfume counter. I just shared a Chanel haul on my blog too! โค๏ปฟ

  7. Jackie
    19 Mar 2015 / 1:37 pm

    This sounds lovely and I just love the bottle. I really want to try a Chanel perfume and really like the packaging.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

    19 Mar 2015 / 1:37 pm

    Need to smell it!


  9. Gabriรซlle La Croix
    19 Mar 2015 / 1:39 pm

    I really love this scent!

  10. faith pierce
    19 Mar 2015 / 1:41 pm

    This sounds beautiful! Definitely an evening scent for me though.
    The packaging (as always) is to die for!


  11. Elise Dopson
    19 Mar 2015 / 1:52 pm

    I smelt this a few years ago & loved it, but I'm still yet to get my hands on it! It smells gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  12. sophiesmakeupblog
    19 Mar 2015 / 2:04 pm

    It sounds like such a lovely perfume. The bottle is so pretty!

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  13. Sarah A
    19 Mar 2015 / 2:08 pm

    It seems like it smells lovely! The packaging is really beautiful and elegant.

    Sarah Anne

  14. Katie Leask
    19 Mar 2015 / 2:52 pm

    I don't know if you can tell from my blog name that this might just be my favourite perfume EVER!?

    It's such an 'evening' scent and because I always wear it for special occasions, the smell of it makes me so happy! Gorgeous packaging too, Chanel does class like no other.

    Katie xx LA-COCO-NOIRE ยฆ Food, Lifestyle and Photography Blog

  15. Iqra
    19 Mar 2015 / 2:58 pm

    I adore the bottle! So beautiful ^_^
    I have quite a small perfume collection and I like it because space wise it is useful to have less!
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

  16. Ciana Dennedy
    19 Mar 2015 / 3:22 pm

    Sound so lovely! Love the packaging as well , would look lovely on my vanity hehe xx
    Ciana Nadine

  17. Love Meagan
    19 Mar 2015 / 3:30 pm

    Sounds so lovely! Anything with bergamot and sandalwood is my weekness!

    Meagan xx |

  18. Fii Cridland
    19 Mar 2015 / 3:45 pm

    This bottle is so gorgeous! I've sampled this and loved it, but haven't been able to throw the money needed at the full size. Can't wait to see what else in in your collection – a couple of recommendations for refining my own wouldn't go amiss at all!

    little miss fii || Fii x

  19. Maria W.
    19 Mar 2015 / 4:24 pm

    This looks amazing! I love perfumes with patchouli in them, such a luxurious smell! x

    The Beauty Flare

  20. Grace Denny
    19 Mar 2015 / 4:24 pm

    Oh this sounds a little Tom Ford-ish! I'm obsessed with a good Tom Ford scent – must check this out!

    XO, G from grace'd

  21. Charlotte
    19 Mar 2015 / 4:29 pm

    I could get it … just for the bottle! Freakin gorgeous!

  22. Talisa Tossell
    19 Mar 2015 / 4:29 pm

    It's so beautiful!


  23. Champagne Lifestyle
    19 Mar 2015 / 4:40 pm

    I love this scent, If only I owned some Chanel! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Amy Taggart
    19 Mar 2015 / 5:08 pm

    I've heard so much about this Fragrance! I have to admit, really want to try it, especially after this Post! ๐Ÿ™‚ XX.

  25. Hannah Lucy
    19 Mar 2015 / 6:52 pm

    This definitely sounds like a perfume I would love, I love darker scents!

  26. Clever Girl Reviews
    19 Mar 2015 / 7:03 pm

    I have yet to try the Noir version!

  27. Iga Berry
    19 Mar 2015 / 7:12 pm

    I really like Chanel scents, especially nr 5. I am not sure if the one you like is not a bit too dark for me. I am sure it would work during winter.

    I've just reviewed Rouge Allure! Do you like red lipsticks? If the answer is yes, I would love to hear your opinion here:

  28. Chantal
    19 Mar 2015 / 7:35 pm

    This sounds like an amazing perfume x

  29. Nikoleta Ljuljduraj
    19 Mar 2015 / 7:36 pm

    I love the packaging! This is my favourite perfume!
    Great post! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nikoleta, xoxo.

  30. Anna // Pretty Pretentious
    19 Mar 2015 / 8:02 pm

    Wow this looks so nice! I've been getting into perfume a lot more recently x

    Anna | pretty pretentious

  31. Olivia S
    19 Mar 2015 / 8:27 pm

    This is my absolute favourite from all the Chanel fragrances, however I am yet to purchase it! Xx

    Olivia –

  32. Trudy Johanna
    19 Mar 2015 / 8:52 pm

    I really want to try Chanel but out of my price range ๐Ÿ™

  33. Nathalie Pickford
    19 Mar 2015 / 9:04 pm

    That sounds so lovely, I currently use Marc Jacobs daisy so this sounds completely different but I really want to give it a go!

    If you want a bit of a giggle, head over to I wrote something a little different to usual on 'Things all girls did growing up in the 00's'


  34. Anna
    19 Mar 2015 / 10:36 pm

    I've no idea how it smells like but the bottle is adorable <3

  35. Deandra Espagne
    19 Mar 2015 / 11:49 pm

    i have sprayed this in store and it lasted almost all day, hoping to get it for my birthday as a present.

    Deebeefairy |

  36. nueyork
    20 Mar 2015 / 1:43 am

    I really love the sound of this scent! Some of Chanel's scents that I've tried in the past seem a little heavy for me, but the notes in this one sound really appealing.

  37. Simply Gemma Louise
    20 Mar 2015 / 3:43 am

    I've always heard mixed opinions about Chanel perfumes but this one sounds really nice ๐Ÿ™‚ And really I don't think I could resist that gorgeous bottle! I loved this post & those beautifully taken pictures make it even harder to resist trying it!


  38. kakuidori
    20 Mar 2015 / 6:34 am

    definitely my all time favourite of 'brand'-perfumes <3

  39. Chloe Marie Stuart-Monteith
    20 Mar 2015 / 4:07 pm

    Awesome ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒบ๐Ÿ˜

  40. Lucy M
    20 Mar 2015 / 8:29 pm

    I have never tried any chanel perfumes, but by the way this one is described it sounds perfect, I really dislike sickly sweet scents, something a little more sophisticated like this would suit me better.

    Ooh La Luce | Beauty, Life, Fashion

  41. Laura M
    21 Mar 2015 / 2:14 am

    The notes in this are definitely something I would wear. And bottle is beautiful of course!

    She Likes to Shop

  42. Michela Amp
    21 Mar 2015 / 12:03 pm

    I need to try it ๐Ÿ™‚

    I'm running a GHD eclipse giveaway, if you're interested, check this link:
    little taste of heaven

  43. Margery Ho
    22 Mar 2015 / 12:27 am

    This sounds lovely! x

    Blogย |ย A Girl with a Camera

    Youtubeย |ย A Girl with a Camera

  44. Lillie Mysel
    24 Mar 2015 / 3:21 pm

    Oh my goodness. Honestly, anything Chanel is a must have..even though I don't have anything Chanel AT THE MOMENT..I will soon hopefully ๐Ÿ˜‰

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