The Coffee Monster

This is how I feel about giving up coffee…

Lifestyle? On a Tuesday? Have I gone mad? Yes, since you asked. For the past few months my one new found love hasn’t been a beauty, skincare, or haircare product, but coffee. After 21 years of not liking it, love suddenly struck. I don’t know whether it’s just an age thing, or a sleep deprivation thing, but I crave it more than once a day, iced or hot, with way more than a small scoop of sugar, so this habit is one that needs breaking.

Most people give up cigarettes or alcohol in October, but for me that would just be business as usual (well, not so much on the alcohol part – it has been my birthday after all), so this October i’m giving up coffee. My skin and teeth are currently suffering and I think my body just needs a break for all of it. If you see a Starbucks cup in my hand for the next 23 days, it will be hot chocolate or iced fruit juice. Bleh.

I’ll be reporting back with my findings on that, and will also let you know how my skin does without it. But the best part? Once I’m done I’ve decided I’m dedicating a post to my favourite coffee places – you guys can use it as a reference when you visit, and I get to take my trusty Canon round to photograph my favourite haunts.

23 days and counting. Someone get me a… Fruit juice?

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  1. OliviaBH
    08 Oct 2013 / 8:18 am

    Good luck! i gave it up eariler in the year (along with all other caffine!) and i hate to say it had such bad headaches for the first few days and was SO tired! It has slowly snuck back into my life but my skin can really tell when i have been drinking it but i cant seem to stop! power through it though!

  2. Sophie Lorraine
    08 Oct 2013 / 8:42 am

    I adore coffee but it really takes its toll on the body after a while, which is why I don't drink it anymore, well, except from a cheeky caramel latte on shopping days – maybe once every two months? Good luck!

  3. Hannah Cagney Lace
    08 Oct 2013 / 9:21 am

    I must say I do love a good coffee but none of that instant malark, it's got to be of the Costa or independent coffee shop variety. Good luck Suzie!


  4. patricia
    08 Oct 2013 / 9:41 am

    It's funny I was the same I never liked coffee…then I had a heavy college workload earlier this year (being my final year) and turned into a coffee addict!! I've been weening myself off of it since so I know how you feel – best of luck πŸ˜€

  5. Frankie Clarke
    08 Oct 2013 / 9:56 am

    Its so strange i used to be absolutely addicted to coffee and now im an avid tea drinker, i dont think i could give it up for october so i think i will give up unhealthy food instead πŸ™‚


    Frankie xXx

  6. Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt
    08 Oct 2013 / 10:28 am

    I love Starbucks coffee so much and spend so much in there I should buy shares in the company! Xx

  7. Aradhana M
    08 Oct 2013 / 10:29 am

    Your hair is so gorgeous :O

    Roses are bluee β™‘

  8. hanhabelle
    08 Oct 2013 / 11:02 am

    I used to love drinking coffee everyday but I became allergic and now all I drink is tea! (saving a lot of pennies not going to starbucks)

  9. Lillian ParisianToBe
    08 Oct 2013 / 11:34 am

    Ha! I so honor you for giving it up; I could never do that! Normally I stick to just one cup a day, but if I really need it, the count can hit two, or, rarely, sometimes three. I can't want to hear your conclusion.

    xo Lillian from

  10. alice
    08 Oct 2013 / 12:46 pm

    I gave up anything with caffine in a couple of years ago and my skin and over all well-being benefited from it so much. I switched to water whenever I wanted a drink and although I found I was really tired and sluggish for the first week or so, my body got used to the change pretty quickly afterwards. My skin had never looked so good and I had so much more energy. I'm sure you'll find the same!
    Good luck, lovely!

    Alice x

  11. makingmeblushblog
    08 Oct 2013 / 12:52 pm

    Good Luck! I would not be able to cope! I have a 50cent coffee machine at my uni and it literally does the best cappuccino I have ever had!!


  12. Jemimah A
    08 Oct 2013 / 1:05 pm

    you're so cute

  13. Luxe Life Aspirations
    08 Oct 2013 / 1:57 pm

    Good luck Suzie, I know I couldn't do it! And if I tried I'd be a nightmare to be around πŸ˜‰

  14. CityMermaid
    08 Oct 2013 / 2:28 pm

    Reading this as I have my morning coffee.
    Good Luck! I wouldn't be able to function without it.

    CM xox

  15. Fran Leanne
    08 Oct 2013 / 3:35 pm

    Your skin looks absolutely flawless! Very jealous.


  16. Laurecca Jones
    08 Oct 2013 / 3:51 pm

    I've never liked coffee, but recently got into them! Ah!

  17. Sara Chergui
    08 Oct 2013 / 4:40 pm

    The pictures are so lovely, you look cute !

  18. Georgina
    08 Oct 2013 / 5:10 pm

    You look gorgeous in these pictures! Good luck with your month off! xx

  19. Emily /
    08 Oct 2013 / 5:31 pm

    I love coffee so much, not sure how I'd feel about giving it up aha! Interested to hear what it does to your skin:) x

  20. Talisa Tossell
    08 Oct 2013 / 5:47 pm

    I feel the same way about giving up coffee!

  21. Charlotte Philpotts
    08 Oct 2013 / 6:53 pm

    I used to work at Costa and that meant I got to try all the different syrups and drinks! Good luck giving it up! x

  22. rosaliejayne
    08 Oct 2013 / 11:06 pm

    Good luck! I've been drinking coffee every morning for years and I've been trying to switch to decaff this month, it's so hard so I'm definitely rooting for you!
    Rosalie x

  23. Devyn
    09 Oct 2013 / 3:24 am

    I just recently gave up coffee and the headaches I got at first were horrible (I gave up soda too so I was basically going without caffeine). But after about a week I started to feel better. My teeth are already back to being white and my skin nearly immediately cleared up. So that was a super bonus. I decided to give myself tea again because the six AM wake up calls with no caffeine was just a bit much but without the coffee is going just fine, you can do it!!!

  24. Allison
    09 Oct 2013 / 6:24 am

    I'm giving up coffee too! Well, trying to (I had an iced coffee today to stay awake for classes) for health reasons. But I didn't even think about the possibility that my skin may improve! Thanks πŸ™‚
    πŸ™‚ AL

  25. OcΓ©ane
    09 Oct 2013 / 8:19 am

    I'm like a coffee addict I drink a lot and daily. I wish I could give it up!

  26. hannah rosalie.
    09 Oct 2013 / 8:46 pm

    oooo good luck!!! I tried and failed so have switched to decaff!

  27. farragio
    10 Oct 2013 / 1:23 am

    My daughter also just recently discovered her love of coffee. Good luck on your "coffee break".

  28. Cashmere Lace
    10 Oct 2013 / 4:37 am

    Cute post. Good luck! I couldn't even try to give up coffee…I need it too much. But I do drink mine just straight black so it's not bad at all sugar/calories wise. Another thing I love at Starbucks that's not coffee is green tea. You might want to give that a go <3


  29. Allie
    11 Oct 2013 / 11:42 am

    I gave up tea and coffee for a while as my skin really benefitted from it. Luckily i like apple tea πŸ™‚ Hope its going well!

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    14 Feb 2014 / 6:41 am

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