The Sunday Post

This Sunday, all I can say, is that an 8am wake up call is not the one. ON A SUNDAY. Can you believe it?! I won’t be doing that again for a long time…

01. The reason for my early awakening was down to the fact that we went to watch a friend run the Eastbourne half marathon. Despite being super tired and absolutely freezing, the boyfriend and best friend did a very good job of cheering me up with lots of tea, 2p machines on the peir and chips. It was then made better by the fact that we stopped off at Middle Farm on the way back to Brighton – bunnys, guinea pigs and baby lambs?! It was beautiful. If you get the chance it’s worth going as they sell lots of locally farmed produce and wines/ciders and things.

02. After all the farm time fun, I decided to have a shower when we got in. I’m now snuggled up in a big ol’ hoody feeling squeaky clean! I thought i’d mention the products above as I’ve been loving them recently and keep them at the boyfriends for regular use on a Sunday.

I’ve talked about the Origins Clear Improvement Mask countless times, so I’ll get this over with – I love a good old de-clogging of the skin on a Sunday and this is perfect. I pop it on whilst I’m washing my hair and my skin just feels so fresh after. The Fresh Soy Face Cleanser has barely been mentioned on the blog which is strange considering I’m almost at the end of the tube and have really loved using it. I find my skin looks a little clearer and a tad less red after use. Annoyingly it’s not available in the UK, so this probably won’t be repurchased until the summer when my parents run off to Florida. Finally the Philip Kingsley Elastisizer is a really lovely mask that makes my hair a little more managable and gives a little more bounce – a winner if you have lot hair that can fall a bit flat once washed. I’ve just had mine cut so it’s not lacking on the healthy, bouncey side of things, but it’s nice to keep it looking super healthy regardless.

03. This evening I’ll be taking up my usual position on the sofa – in my trackies, watching a movie and eating some seriously good food in very large quantities. Sunday nights have never been better. I’m also going to cram in watching the millions of February Favourites that are currently sitting in my subscription box. If you fancy watching mine it should be up by now, but I’ll officially pop it up on the blog tomorrow morning!


  1. nataliestubbs
    03 Mar 2013 / 5:28 pm

    I love Middle Farm – I live in Bexhill but I'm away living with my boyfriend at the moment and I miss the little home comforts so much. I'll definitely be paying a visit next time I'm 'down south' xx

  2. Maddy
    03 Mar 2013 / 5:48 pm

    These masks all look so lovely, I want to try them all! have a nice Sunday evening! xxx

  3. Anna OffTheBandwagon
    03 Mar 2013 / 5:57 pm

    I love the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser! And I've been looking at the Origins mask on Sephora…maybe I should just suck it up and purchase it… Have a nice Sunday!

    <3 Anna

  4. Adele Miner
    03 Mar 2013 / 6:34 pm

    Lazy Sunday nights are the best<3 x

  5. Trina
    03 Mar 2013 / 6:35 pm

    I love Clear Improvment! It's my favorite!

  6. Chloe Witty
    03 Mar 2013 / 7:10 pm

    love love the origins mask! had that slapped on last night

    chloe @chlowitty blogs

  7. Lady Stardust
    03 Mar 2013 / 7:24 pm

    would love to try the origins mask


    Inspirations Have I None

  8. alittlebitofluxury
    03 Mar 2013 / 7:51 pm

    love the post!

    Recently started a new blog would love if you could check it out!

    Talisa from Bemsa xxx

  9. Cherry
    03 Mar 2013 / 8:00 pm

    I love the sound of the Origins mask!

  10. Emily
    03 Mar 2013 / 8:04 pm

    Need to try some origins skincare:) x

  11. Lou
    03 Mar 2013 / 9:18 pm

    I really want to try the Origins and the hair masks.



  12. Millie
    03 Mar 2013 / 9:39 pm

    I'm dying to try that Origins mask!! Great post! 🙂 ♥

  13. Rachel Hood
    04 Mar 2013 / 3:26 am

    I love pampering on Sunday nights! xx

  14. Anna Blush
    04 Mar 2013 / 6:30 am

    I love a good Sunday pamper! These products all sound lovely x

  15. Hannah Cagney Lace
    04 Mar 2013 / 11:08 am

    I love your Sunday posts Suzie, they're always so interesting to read without being rambley! (is that even a word?) I can't think of anything more fun than visiting a farm with baby lambs, I was born in April and my parents always used to drive my brother & I out to the countryside to see the lambs.


  16. Claire
    04 Mar 2013 / 1:19 pm

    I've not used the Origins mask in ages, might have to pull it out again 🙂

  17. molly
    04 Mar 2013 / 4:37 pm

    I always love using face masks on a Sundays, they always make my skin feel so clean xxxxx

  18. Katherine xo
    05 Mar 2013 / 9:07 pm

    love the skincare trio! x

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